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American Embassy in Apia Samoa

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  • Postal Address:

    U.S. Embassy
    P.O. Box 3430
    Apia, Samoa
    Ph: +685 21436 / 21631 / 21452 or 22696
    Fax: +685 22030

    The United States - embassy has a variety of useful information and services have to be reviewed by you, whether you are United States - citizen staying in Samoa or you are Samoa citizen intending to visit the United States, do not hesitate to take the tour through the services it will clear the idea about how the embassy can serve you.

    For the Samoa citizen intending to visit the United States or permanently stay there, they can make use of the consulate services in issuing their visas needed for the visit

    The non immigrant visa is applied if you do not intend to stay in the United States permanently and you meet the requirements needed for issuing the visa.

    You are directed to pay non refundable 131 $ as fees of application, some cases require additional fees in case of issuance of the visa There are many categories for this kind of visa as athletes/artists, tourism, study, employment, crew member, exchange visitors, media, student etc.

    Documents vary according to the category you fall under. Waiting time for visa issuance can be tracked through the embassy.
    People who qualify for visa waiver program do not need a visa to enter the United States
    Immigrant visa varies according to your case:

     Immediate relative if you are: The spouse or minor unmarried child of a United States citizen or the parent of a United States citizen who is over the age of twenty-one.  Fiancé (e) visa if you are intending to marry an American citizen and reside in the United States you have to apply for this visa which allows you to enter the states for 90 -180 days to complete the marriage then you apply to the (USCIS) to extend your stay in the United States and after 2 years apply once more to remove the conditional stay.

    employment visa if you are:  Priority Workerwhohave extra ordinary abilities , Member of a Professionholding advanced degree and exceptional abilities , skilled workerholding baccalaureate degree in a profession that have shortage in the United States. Investor who intend to invest about 500,000 – 1,000,000 $ and employ at least 10 unrelated employees then is your choice.

    Diversity lottery visa, general requirements: minimum of twelve years education including FOUR years of high school which must be the equivalent of a U.S. High School diploma.  The specific regulation changes every year due to United States security
      For American citizen

    The embassy provides information needed about travel warnings and public announcements. Also the embassy provides phone numbers that you can use for emergencies concerning deaths of American citizen, stolen green cards and lost passports. Issuing and reissuing of United States passports regulation and the fees needed are provided by the embassy for performing these services.

    Registering births & deaths of American citizens in Indonesia are some of the services done by the embassy for us citizens residing in Samoa. Notary service of the documents to be used in the United States is one of the services done by the consulate office. Please note that the consulate does not sign as a witness for your document so if the documents need witnesses to sign, you should get them with you at the time of your appearance at the embassy. Child adoption the department gives the American citizens the procedure needed to adopt children from Samoa

    Embassy Holiday List 2008

    Date Occasion Location
    January 1 - Monday New Year's Day American/Samoa/NZ
    January 2 - Tuesday Day after New Year's Day New Zealand/Samoa
    January 21 - Monday Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday American
    January 21 - Monday Wellington Anniversary Day Wellington only
    January 28 - Monday Auckland Anniversary Day Auckland only
    February 6 - Wednesday Waitangi Day New Zealand
    February 18 - Monday President's Day American
    March 21 - Friday Good Friday Samoa/New Zealand
    March 24 - Monday Easter Monday Samoa/New Zealand
    April 25 - Friday ANZAC Day New Zealand
    May 12 - Monday Mothers Day Samoa
    May 26 - Monday Memorial Day American
    June 2 - Monday Queen's Birthday New Zealand
    June 2 - Monday Independence Day Samoa
    July 4 - Friday Independence Day American
    August 11 - Monday Fathers Day Samoa
    September 1 - Monday Labor Day American
    October 13 - Monday Columbus Day American
    October 13 - Monday White Sunday Samoa
    October 27 - Monday Labour Day New Zealand
    November 11 - Tuesday Veterans Day American
    November 14 - Friday Canterbury Anniversary Christchurch only
    November 27 - Thursday Thanksgiving Day American
    December 25 - Tuesday Christmas Day American/Samoa/NZ
    December 26 - Wednesday Boxing Day Samoa/New Zealand
    January 1, 2009 - Thursday New Year's Day American/Samoa/NZ
    January 2, 2009 - Friday Day After New Year's Day Samoa/New Zealand


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