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American Embassy in Baha Thailand

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  • Consulate office of The U.S. embassy in Baha, Thailand offers to U.S.-citizens staying in Thailand and for Thai citizens planning to visit the United States or reside in it much useful information. So a quick glance to the services of the office gives you an idea about what you can do there

    For the Thai citizens intending to visit the United States or permanently stay there, they can make use of the consulate services in issuing their visas needed for the visit

    The non immigrant visa is applied if you do not intend to stay in the United States permanently and you meet the requirements needed for issuing the visa.

    The fees for this type of visa is 131 $ non refundable some nationalities and some cases would be required to pay a surcharge
    There are many categories for this kind of visa as tourism, employment, exchange visitors, media, student, medical treatment etc.

    Documents vary according to the category you fall under. Waiting time for visa issuance differs according to the visa type and time of the year and can be tracked through the embassy.

    Visa waiver program
    Some applicants do not require a visa to enter the United States for periods less than 90 days according to the visa waiver program which permits people who meet certain requirement to enter the states for short times without a visa
    Immigrant visas are issued from the consulate office for Thai citizens intending to stay permanently in the United States and fall under one of the following categories: immediate relative, fiancé (e), and diversity lottery visa.

    Every category of the immigrant visa is subjected to its own regulation which should be fulfilled in order to get the visa.
    The diversity lottery visa is One of the categories of immigrant visa, but with regulation changed every year by the United States government due to security purposes but in general the requirements are: minimum of twelve years education including FOUR years of high school which must be the equivalent of a U.S. High School diploma. The specific regulation changes every year due to United States security

    According to the visa type you are applying for, you will be asked to take an appointment and fill all the required forms, along with presenting you documentation, medical examination, personal photos

    American citizens can make use of their consulate department to perform many services as birth registering , issuing social security numbers and passports for newly born , registering their stay in Thailand , reporting death of American citizens , finding useful information about their safety during their stay in the Japanese territory . Report stolen passports and replacing it, they can also renew their passport or even issue a new one through the consulate office in addition of finding a list of medical centers that have English speaking staff .

    American Embassy information is a non commercial United States Embassy information guide that intended to help the travelers to United States, looking for American embassy, holidays, United States Visa Fees, and other required details to get the Visa to United States.
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