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American Embassy in Bandar Salaam Begawan Brunei

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  • Embassy Contact Information
    Our mailing address is:
    P.O. Box 2991
    Bandar Seri Begawan BS8675
    Negara Brunei Darussalam
    Telephone: 673-222-0384
    Fax: 673-222-5293

    The US-embassy in sultanate of Brunei provides us citizens visiting Brunei or resident there with very helpful information as well as Brunei citizens who are in the process of issuing their visa for the United States. A tour through this information will give you a nice idea about what the embassy offers.

    As for the US citizens
    U.S. citizens can benefit from many services done by their embassy in Brunei, for example:
    To register their stay outside the U.S. territory the embassy had launched a secure office that they can through it register their stay in Brunei.

    They can also register their newly born child so they can issue a birth certificate, social security number and a passport. Please note that the child must meet the requirement needed to be eligible to claim the American nationality.
    The embassy is your destination if you want to issue a passport, renew your passport, report a stolen one, add extra pages or extend your passport validity.

    The fees ranges from 75$ to 100 $ according to the service done. The embassy provides the applicant with all the forms need to be filled and a list of all the required documentation, photograph requirements, where and when they could apply for these services.

    In case of emergency the citizen can reach the embassy through phone.
    The US embassy in sultanate of Brunei offers her citizens notary service for the documents, social security service and there is a veteran department which fosters the veterans there.
    During any election taking place in the United States, American citizens found abroad at this time can apply for voting through the embassy.

    For Brunei citizens
    The embassy offers Brunei citizens the service of issuing nonimmigrant and immigrant visa
    If you are intending to visit the United States temporarily or for study or you are a diplomat you have to fill the required forms to issue your non immigrant visa and file all the documents needed for this
    The fees are 131 us dollars or 197 Brunei dollars

    If you are a bruniean and looking for immigration to united states , unfortunately the US embassy in Brunei is not authorized to accept these type of applications so you have to apply to the us-embassy in Singapore for you immigrant visa. You must fall under one of the visa categories which are: immediate relative, family sponsored, employer sponsored and special immigrant.

    Embassy Holiday List 2008

    Jan 01     Tuesday New Year's Day (US/Local)
    Jan 10 Thursday 1st Day Hijrah 1429 (Local)
    Jan 21 Monday Martin Luther King's Birthday (US)
    Feb 7 Thursday Chinese New Year/President's Day (Local/US)
    Feb 18 Monday President's Day
    Mar 20 Thursday Prophet Muhammad's birthday (Local)
    Mar 26 Monday Memorial Day (US)
    July 4 Friday Independence Day (US)
    July 15 Tuesday His Majesty Sultan's 62nd Birthday (Local)
    July 30 Wednesday Israk Meraj (Local) *
    Sept 1 Monday Labor Day (US)
    Sept 2 Tuesday 1s Day Ramadhan (Local)*
    Sept 17 Wednesday Nuzul Al Quran (Local)
    Oct 1 Oct 2 Thursday Friday Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Local) *
    Oct 13 Monday Columbus Day (US)
    Nov 11 Tuesday Veterans  Day (US)
    Nov 27 Thursday Thanksgiving Day (US)
    Dec 8
    Hari Raya Aidiladaha (Local)*
    Dec 25
    Christmas Day (US/Local)
    Dec 29 Monday 1st Day Hijrah 1430 (Local)
     * Subject to Change.

    American Embassy information is a non commercial United States Embassy information guide that intended to help the travelers to United States, looking for American embassy, holidays, United States Visa Fees, and other required details to get the Visa to United States.
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