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  • Embassy Contact Information
    American Embassy, Djibouti
    Plateau du Serpent
    Blvd du Marechal Joffre
    B.P. 185
    Phone: 253 35 39 95
    Fax: 253 35 39 40

    If you are planning to make a travel to United States of America either by applying immigrant or non-immigrant visa, there are quite several factors and particulars that should be known for better understanding. All these observations could be cleared and here are the answers for all your queries and inquest. Take a rapid quick look to know things better in detail.

    Embassy Visa Information - The Djibouti embassy empowers to issue the visa to both immigrants and non-immigrants, who plan their travel to United States of America. If your planning is in a very soon time, then you must start the essential workouts some one month back. You can find better more information by looking at the short glimpse described here.

    Basic Visa Requirements - As there different visa types, the requirements will vary from one to another. The immigrant visa type will demand for several requirements comparing the non-immigrant visa type. The basic mandatory requirement is the passport size photo copy that was recently flicked. Ensure, the applicant photo must be clean without anything disturbed and also the background should be white or lighter.

    Visa Information – When considering the immigrant and non-immigrant visa type, the information will differ from one to another. The fields and listings will describe things better for your clear understanding. You can check with the specifications that are described in the application, which you fill through!

    American Visa Fees - With the effect from the new year of 2008, the rates of the immigrant and non-immigrant visa has been greatly increased. The application fee for non-immigrant visa has been switched from 100 USD to 131 USD and the application fee for immigrants has been switched from 335 USD to 355 USD.

    Documents for Visa - As the visa type varies from immigrant to nonimmigrant, the documents that are demanded will vary from one to another. Immigrant visas are further of different types like family based immigration, foreign spouse visas and other more. Every category will demand for the related documents, while the time of interview. The applicant must hold the supportive documents, approved passport, photo copies, professional certificate, bank statements and other more. This will ensure that the applicant is really trust-worthy! Also, the application fee will be charged soon after the applicant successfully goes through the interview.

    Eligibility - The visa types vary from one phase to another and the eligibility requirements and parameters will also differ from one type to another. Applicant having criminal record, contagious disease and other black marks will turn to be ineligible to avail the visa. Also, the eligibility parameters will vary depending upon your stay in USA.

    US Citizen Service – The consular office will grant a complete assistance and support to the American citizens while their living or visit in Djibouti. The consular service will take care in giving good support for passports, notaries, birth & death certificates, tax, voting information and other more.

    United States Embassy Information - With the best and stupendous assistance of several different staffs, the embassy of Djibouti functions more effectively on controlling the work on schedule. Applicants can drop an email, to clear away the queries and inquest if any.

    Embassy Holiday List 2008





    January 1


    New Year's Day

    January 9*
    Islamic New Year's Day
    January 20**
    Martin Luther King Day
    February 17**

    President's Day
    March 19*
    Wednesday Djiboutian

    Birthday of Prophet Mohamed
    May 1

    International Labor Day
    May 25**

    Memorial Day
    June 27-28
    Friday-Saturday Djiboutian

    Independence Day
    July 6**
    Sunday American

    Independence Day
    July 30

    August 31**

    Labor Day
    October 12**

    Columbus Day
    Sept. 30-Oct. 01* Tuesday-Wednesday

    November 09**

    Veteran's Day
    November 20

    December 06-08
    Saturday-Monday Djiboutian

    December 25


    December 28*



    Islamic New Year'

    American Embassy information is a non commercial United States Embassy information guide that intended to help the travelers to United States, looking for American embassy, holidays, United States Visa Fees, and other required details to get the Visa to United States.
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