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American Embassy in Guangzhou China

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  • Embassy Contact Information
    No. 1 Shamian Street South, Guangzhou 510133
    Phone: 020-8121-8000
    After-hours Emergency Number: 020-8121-6077 (to report emergencies involving American citizens such as serious medical problems, deaths, or arrests)
    Fax: 020-8121-9001

    The U.S. embassy consulate office in Guangzhou China offers a lot of services for both U.S.-citizens staying in china and for Chinese planning to visit the states or reside there. So a view to the services of the office gives you an idea about but what you can do there
    American citizens department
    American citizens in china can perform a lot of services and acquire a lot of information through the consular office like:
    Us citizen registration you can register your stay outside the united states in the consulate office.

    Voting for election from overseas can take place through the consulate office in Guangzhou. The office provides the application for absentee application and ballots. The votes are collected in the consulate and sent back to the us
    Reporting birth outside the united states, American citizens who gives birth outside the U.S. should register their child in the consulate office so the child can claim his American nationality if he is eligible .the consulate office issue birth certificates , social security number and American passport
    Marriage of a Chinese spouse/wife or marriage of foreigner resident in china this should be registered in the local affair office in the residence area
    Medical care
    The consulate can provide people who are in need to medical attention with a list of hospitals/ doctors in the south of china, who can give them medical treatment
    adoption of Chinese child, legal assistance in china, social security, notary services , emergency assistance are some of the services that the consulate provides for its citizens
    The consulate office provides the American citizens in china with useful information about us & Chinese customs and taxes regulation and tips for travelers who are intending to visit china
    The consulate gives teachers a guide for teaching English in china
    Passport issuing & renewals can be done through the consulate office in Guangzhou including issuing/renewal passport for (adult/child), report stolen passport, fees are 100$
    United States visa
    There are many types of non immigrant visa like studying in U.S., tourism & business, dependant, exchanging visitors, employment and others. The consulate office provides the application forms for every type of visa, with information on how to apply to the visa, set an appointment, the required documentation. Fees are 131$. The location of the consulate, the working hours, holidays and phone &fax numbers could be get from the office in Guangzhou
    The immigrant visa
    Many types of immigrant visa exist for Chinese citizens intending to immigrate to the U.S like family-based visa, employment visa, diversity lottery visa, returning resident visa. Every type has its own requirements, forms to be filled. The fees are ranging from 131$ to 545 $ depending on the type of visa
    Fraud prevention unit is internal unit of the embassy concerned with any fraud act takes place against immigrants or immigrant’s visa

    Embassy Holiday List 2008

    Date Weekday Holiday Nation
    January 1 Tuesday New Year's Day US & China
    January 21 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday US
    February 6,7,8 Wed,Thurs, Fri Lunar New Year China
    February 18 Monday Washington's Birthday US
    April 4 Friday Tomb Sweeping Day China
    May 1, 2, 3 Thurs, Fri, Sat International Labor Day China
    May 26 Monday Memorial Day US
    June 9 Monday Dragon Boat Festival China
    July 4 Friday Independence Day US
    September 1 Monday Labor Day US
    September 15 Monday Mid-Autumn Festival China
    October 1,2, 3 Wed, Thurs, Fri Chinese National Day China
    October 13 Monday Columbus Day US
    November 11 Tuesday Veterans' Day US
    November 27 Thursday Thanksgiving Day US
    December 25 Thursday Christmas Day US

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