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American Embassy in Malabo Equatorial Guinea

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  • Most people have desires to plan their trip to USA. But this involves several different factors in the visa process. The applicant should be strong enough with updated information with respect to immigrant and non-immigrant visa type. Here is the detailed description that will make you understand better about the facts and conception for applying visa to make their journey better and comfy to USA.

    Embassy Visa Information - The embassy holds the complete rights and authority to issue the visas to both immigrants and nonimmigrant. Embassy information and counseling will deal with assorted information to the visa applicants. The respective fields and divisions will be described better to give a clear understanding to the applicants availing the visa.

    Basic Visa Requirements - The major requirements will differ from the type immigrant to non-immigrant. They basically vary with minute particulars depending upon the type you belong to! You must possess a verified passport and a recent taken photograph that measures 5 X 5 cm. The photography should be full face with good resolution against a lighter or white background.

    Visa Information – As the visa type differs from one type to another, the information will vary at least in a slight scale of measure. There are several listings that will clearly specify the exact visa information for your better understandings.

    American Visa Fees - For availing the visa, the applicant must be ready always to pay 131 USD as a nonrefundable fee. Ensure that, you will never be charged with any additional visa issuance fee while the time of availing the visa.

    Documents for Visa - The essential documents will vary depending upon the trip you plan. Visa type under immigrant plan will greatly differ when comparing the type of non-immigrant visa type. Hold the proof that describes the purpose of your trip! Evidence will include employment document, family ties, bank documents, and other more. The supporting documents and the evidence proof should be provided along with the assured passport! The applicant will be asked to pay the application fee of 131 USD after successfully passing the interview.

    Eligibility - Depending upon the visa type the applicant belongs, the eligibility criterion will vary from one visa type to another. Eligibility factors will involve several different factors and you can check with the fields and description to know the exact information to understand the eligibility parameters.

    US Citizen Service – US citizens traveling or living in Equatorial Guinea are encouraged to record their comportment with US Embassy consular section. Moreover, the Americans traveling and living will be closely monitored to ensure that work is on the right track.

    United States Embassy Information - Embassy functions with the busy schedule and management by holding great deal of staffs to carry out the work. Involving the active functionality of various departments including Exchange Programs, Self Help Fund, Warden Information and other more, the embassy works with the right schedule and planning. Every phase of work is carried out on-time with right procedural measure and practice. Applicants can post their query by placing the subject on the mail.

    American Embassy information is a non commercial United States Embassy information guide that intended to help the travelers to United States, looking for American embassy, holidays, United States Visa Fees, and other required details to get the Visa to United States.
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