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American Embassy in Maseru Lesotho

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  • Embassy Contact Information
    254 Kingsway Road Maseru Lesotho
    Tel: +266 22 312 666
    Fax: +266 22 310 116

    Wanted to know essential information about Maseru embassy information? Here is complete information described for your better understanding.

    Embassy Visa Information - This embassy process the facilities to hand out visas for the non-immigrants, availing under the category of Business, visitors and tourists. Every essential particular are spotlighted in their described incision giving the complete details required. Moreover, all these information will dearly assist you in making your migration simpler.

    Requirement for Visa - The Consular Section of the US citizenship will give complete assistance to the residents of Lesotho: Maseru. As the visa type will vary from one to another, the requirement will also differ.

    You can see the complete information that you essentially require including the photo copies that you should surrender along with the application form. Visa section will only consider request for expedited appointments for the following reasons

    American Visa Fees - From Jan 2008, the processing fee for NIV application has been switched from 100 USD to 131 USD and the processing fee for IV application has been switched from 335 USD to 355 USD. All the described fees will be charged to any visa type, except if they are suave or legitimate in character Increase in visa application fees effective as of January 1, 2008.

    Documents for Visa - The purpose of your trip will finally decide the essential documents, which must have to be surrendered for availing visa. To avail the visa, you must possess clear and complete documents including the photo copies of the applicant, approved passport, confirmation number, and the fee receipt that you have paid for both the NIV and IV transactions. During the time of your request, you should provide your full name and contact number along with!

    Eligibility - Generally, the eligibility requirements parameters will absolutely vary from the visa type the applicant belong to! You can set your fingers in action to browse the eligibility information about Fiancées Visas, Student Visas, Tourist/Business Visas and others. As eligibility and requirements differ from one to another, you can explore the particulars to get a better understanding. You can find umpteen number of information to discern and make with!

    U.S. Citizen Service - American citizenship will be provided with good assistance and support in several aspects including passport replacement also, CRBA, notaries, registration in embassy ward system, renewal of passport and other more. The Consular Officer will never be allowed to give his advice and suggestions to U.S. citizens on any licit subjects and must never advise any specific attorney from the list. Do not wait until the last minute. Inform yourself of visa application requirements and apply for your visa in advance of your planned travel dates. You must appear in person at the U.S. Embassy.
    Visa Hours Monday and Wednesday 9.00 a.m. – 12 noon
    2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. Services Available: New passport, Replacement passport. Add Visa pages, absentee voting and information, Selective service registration U.S. Citizen Registration, Federal Benefit, Judicial Assistance, Birth and Death Certificates.

    United States Embassy Information - It mostly deals with different sections including economic affairs, foreign policy, domestic issues, US society & values. With the best assistance and efforts of sections, the embassy processes its work with a right and routine schedule of planning. The Embassy works to realize these goals in cooperation with the people and government of Lesotho. Embassy includes administrative, political, economic, consular and public affairs specialists. The Ambassador heads a special projects group concentrated on the power of democracy, education, and human rights.

    Embassy Holiday List 2008

    January 1 Monday   New Year's Day  U.S/Lesotho
    January 15 Monday   Martin Luther King JR Day  U.S.
    February 19 Monday  Washington's Birthday  U.S.
    March 11 Sunday   Moshoeshoe 's Day  Lesotho
    April 6 Friday   Good Friday  Lesotho
    April 9 Monday   Easter Monday  Lesotho 
    May 1 Tuesday   Workers 's Day  Lesotho
    May 17 Thursday   Ascension Day  Lesotho
    May 25 Friday   Africa/Heroes Day  Lesotho
    May 28 Monday   Memorial   Day  U.S
    July 4 Wednesday    Independence Day  U.S
    July 17 Tuesday    King's Birthday  Lesotho
    September 3 Monday    Labor Day  U.S
    October 4 Thursday    Independence Day  Lesotho
    October 8 Monday    Columbus Day  U.S
    November 12 Monday    Veterans Day  U.S
    November 22 Thursday    Thanksgiving Day  U.S
    December 25 Tuesday    Christmas Day  U.S/Lesotho
    December 26 Wednesday    Boxing Day  Lesotho

    American Embassy information is a non commercial United States Embassy information guide that intended to help the travelers to United States, looking for American embassy, holidays, United States Visa Fees, and other required details to get the Visa to United States.
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