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American Embassy in Shanghai China

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  • Embassy Contact Information
    Main U.S. Consulate General Building
    1469 Huai Hai Zhong Road
    (Near Wulumuqi Nan Lu)
    200031 Shanghai

    Tel: (86-21) 6279-7662
    Fax: (86-21) 6279-7603

    Consulate office of The U.S. embassy in Shanghai China offers to U.S.-citizens staying in china and for Chinese planning to visit the United States or reside there many useful information. So a quick glance to the services of the office gives you an idea about but what you can do there American citizens department.

    American citizens’ department in shanghai china can provide the citizens with a lot of information and services like:

    US citizen registration registering your stay in north china (Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces) can be done through the secure office of the consulate office.
    Births given by American citizens outside the U.S. should be register in the consulate office in order to claim the child’s American nationality, national security number, and United States passport if he is eligible. The consulate office issue American birth certificates for these children.

    Marriage takes place between American citizen and a Chinese spouse/wife or another foreigner resident in china should be registered in the local affair office in the residence area. The consulate provides the procedure needed to register this marriage if you are intending to issue a visa for your spouse / wife.

    Medical care
    Medical care for foreigners undergoes certain regulation should be taken for taking the medical attention required. The consulate provides the list of doctors/ hospitals that give medical attention to foreigners and have doctors and nurses who speaks English the list contains name, address, phone number, and facilities inside the hospital.

    The consulate office explains how the notary services for documents can be done by the local affair office. Emergency, legal assistance are some of the services that the consulate provides for its citizens if you are a teacher and wants to teach English language for Chinese refers to the consulate which gives teachers a guide for teaching English in china

    Passport issuing & renewals can be done through the consulate office in Shenyang. The citizen can request his new or renew exciting passport, report stolen passport, fees are 100$ for issuing a new passport
    You also can order extra pages for your passport or ask for extending your passport

    United States visa
    If you are applying for non immigrant visa you must know that there are many kinds of visas like studying in U.S., tourism & business, dependant, exchanging visitors, employment and others. The consulate office provides the application forms for every type of visa along with information on how to apply to the visa, set an appointment, the required documentation. The location of the consulate, the working hours, holidays and phone &fax numbers could be getting from the office in shanghai.

    The immigrant visa
    Although the counselor office in Shenyang provides information for Chinese citizens intending to immigrate to the U.S and applying for various kinds of immigrant visas. The office is not authorized for handling the immigrant visa applications and all the applications should be directed to your local DHS.

    The Embassy is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We are CLOSED on the following American and Chinese holidays:

    Consulate Holidays for 2008

    *** January 1           Tuesday             New Year's Day
    *    January 21          Monday              Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday
    **  February 6, 7, 8   Wed, Thurs, Fri    Chinese (Lunar) New Year
    *    February 18        Monday              Washington's Birthday
    **  April 4                     Friday                Tomb Sweeping Day
    **  May 1-3              Thurs, Fri, Sat     International Labor Day
    *    May 26               Monday              Memorial Day
    **  June 9                Monday              Dragon Boat Festival
    *    July 4                 Friday                Independence Day
    *    September 1       Monday              Labor Day
    **  September 15     Monday              Mid-Autumn Festival
    **  October 1, 2, 3    Wed, Thurs, Fri    Chinese National Day  
    *    October 13         Monday               Columbus Day
    *    November 11     Tuesday              Veterans' Day
    *    November 27     Thursday             Thanksgiving Day
    *    December 25     Thursday             Christmas Day

    *     American Holidays
    **   Chinese Holidays
    *** Chinese and American Holidays

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