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American Embassy in Yaounde Cameroon

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  • Embassy Contact Information
    Avenue Rosa Parks
    P.O. Box 817
    (237) 2220-1500
    (237) 2220-1500x4531

    Your close requirements to know better about the formal procedures and information regarding the immigrant visas, educational advising, full-bright scholarship and other facts could be bitterly known in the Yaounde – Cameroon embassy office! You can understand the factors better and make a keen observation for better perceptive. Just continue reading the precise explanation to understand the fundamental particulars.

    Embassy Visa Information - Basically, the embassy holds the power to issue the visas for the immigrants and nonimmigrant availing visa to make their travel to USA. You can get to know the essential information, when you refer with the respective sections that are being described here.

    Basic Visa Requirements - The requirement criteria will vary depending upon the visa category they belong to. The visa requirements for immigrant and nonimmigrant visa will involve several different facets. The applicant must hold the recent photograph with lighter of white background of photo measuring 2 X 2 inches. The face in the photograph should be very clear and it should never be flicked in angular or side view.

    Visa Information – This is a category that usually varies on the visa type you belong to. The basic visa information is that, even little babies must sign the electronic visa application form. Moreover, the visa information will vary for both the categories including the immigrants and non-immigrants. You can explore and refer the particulars for better understandings.

    American Visa Fees - For non-immigrants the application fee is principally charged of 131 USD. The Cameroon government and the US embassy are making discussions in order to cut-short the visa issuance fees. When considering the application fee for the immigrants, it is basically charged of 355 USD and the rate of every visa issuance for the immigrants is 65 USD.

    Documents for Visa - While the time of interview with the Consular Officer, the applicant must possess the bank statements, employment documents or profession documents, business papers, property and other more. All these essential documents are mandatory in order to affirm the statement done on the visa application. Once when the documents are checked and pass through, the applicant will asked to remunerate the application fee.

    Eligibility - The eligibility factors will vary depending upon the category of visa you belong. Every visa type will involve different eligibility factors and it could be researched well, if you explore it for clear perceptive. Family sponsored immigrant visas will demand for different eligibility parameters when comparing the employment based immigrant visas. The same will be applicable to non-immigrant applicant also.

    US Citizen Service – It is good and advisable for the citizens to be alarmed about the emergency plans and they must also keep in regular touch with their respective warden. Private US citizens must be alarmed that they will never hold the rights to travel during the case of sickness with contagious diseases.

    United States Embassy Information - The embassy gives a perfect and scheduled functionality with the involvement of various departments to give the best workout in financial assistance, medical assistance, death of American citizens, welfare & whereabouts and arrests.

    Embassy Holiday List 2008




    January 01 New Year's Day U.S./Cameroon
    January 21 Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday U.S.
    February 11 Youth Day Cameroon
    February 18 President's Day U.S.
    March 21 Good Friday Cameroon
    May 01 Labor Day / Ascension Day Cameroon
    May 20 National Day Cameroon
    May 26 Memorial Day U.S.
    July 04 Independence Day U.S.
    August 15 Assumption Day Cameroon
    September 01 Labor Day U.S.
    October 02 End of Ramadan(Estimated date) Cameroon
    October 13 Columbus Day U.S.
    November 11 Veterans' Day U.S.
    November 27 Thanksgiving Day U.S.
    December 09 Feast of Lamb / Tabaski (Estimated Date)  CAM
    December 25 Christmas Day U.S./Cameroon

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